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I Just Want To Flip

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Jelp Shinholster IV is a loving husband and father of two boys who currently works for a nonprofit in Washington, DC and lives in Woodbridge, VA. Jelp was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. Due to his O-H-I-O upbringing he is a sports enthusiast, with his favorites being basketball and football. In his first book; “I Just Want To Flip”, Jelp illustrates the special bond he has with his son and how love can sometimes push us outside of our comfort zone. Jelp’s desire to support his son, propels him to educate himself and join his son’s quest to try out the sport of gymnastics.


Drawing from his life experiences, Jelp crafts a unique story with the intentions of inspiring and passing on valuable life lessons to children. Additionally his goal is to encourage parents to always nurture the natural gifts and talents of their children, because we never know what true greatness lies within them.

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